Eligibility :- HSSLC Pass/ CBSE Class XII Pass

Combination Of Subjects :-

a) Compulsory Subjects :
i) General English
ii)MIL (Assamese/Hindi/Alternative English)
iii) Environmental Studies (for Sem. III & IV)
b) Major Subjects : English, Assamese, History, Economics, Political Science, Geography, Mathematics, Anthropology, Education, Hindi.
c) Subsidiary Subjects (Students with Major may choose anyone of the following subjects. Students without Major may choose two subjects one each from any Groups):
a) Group-A : Anthropology/Statistics/Political Science
b) Group-B : Geography/Mathematics/History
d) Group-C : Economics/Education/Folklore/Linguistics
*** Students offering Major in English can not opt for subsidiary subjects having practical paper.
2. TDC (Science) :
a) Compulsory Subjects :
i) Functional English
ii) Environmental Studies (for Sem. III & IV)
b) Major Subjects :
Physics, Botany, Geology, Mathematics, Anthropology, Zoology, Geography, Computer Science, Economics and Chemistry
c) Subsidiary Subjects ( Students with Major may choose anyone of the following subjects. Students without Major may choose any three of the following subjects, one each from any three Groups):

a) Group-A: Physics/Computer Science/Economics
b) Group-B: Chemistry/Anthropology/Statistics
c) Group-C: Maths/Zoology/Geography
d) Group-D: Geology/Botany

Combination For Bio-Technology :
a. Zoology or Botany Major students may choose Bio-technology & Chemistry as Pass Course.
b. General students may choose Bio-tech, Chemistry, Botany or Bio-tech, Chemistry, Zoology as combination.

The Institutional Level Biotech Hub ( sponsored by DBT, Govt of India) of Dimoria College, was established in the month of January, 2014, under the Department of Biotechnology, Dimoria College. The objectives of the biotech hub is to popularize biotechnology among students and teachers from school and colleges conducting hands on trainings, outreach programs and popular lectures on regular basis. The hub is also planning to conduct studies on molecular marker based diversity analysis of various indigenous Capsicum varieties and some other important plants of North-East India. The Priority of research and development area of this Biotech Hub will be Functional genomics and Medical microbiology. The Hub is as well equipped to conduct research activities. Under the hub many training programmes were conducted

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